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POS Features

LMS-POS stands as a highly robust Point of Sale (POS) system, equipped with all the necessary functions required for a successful store owner. Here are a few of its features, and we consistently work on enhancing LMS-POS by adding new features and benefits while ensuring compliance with changing regulations. Take a closer look at the extensive feature set that LMS-POS offers.


Full Inventory Control of Liquor & Grocery

LMS-POS streamlines inventory management and enhances retail efficiency.

Streamlining stock management in a store involves making smart choices about what to order, identifying the products that sell best, adjusting prices to maintain profits, and tackling theft and loss concerns. A proper POS system makes it easy to handle a large inventory by keeping track of quantities, costs, prices, profit margins, and losses. The LMS-POS system can handle all of these tasks, helping to increase your profits.


ID Scan for Legal Age and Expiry Date Verification

Safeguard your business by utilizing ID scanning for legal age and expired IDs.

Ensure the protection of your business license with our comprehensive ID scanning solution. Our advanced 2D barcode scanner not only scans products but also checks IDs to validate legal age and expiry dates when selling age-restricted items. Upon successful verification, it prints an 'ID Scanned OK' message on the receipt, serving as proof of age verification and compliance with legal requirements.


Product Group Edit

Boost efficiency with product group edit by category, brand, size and price

Managing thousands of items in your store can be challenging, and individually editing each one is time-consuming. That's why LMS-POS offers a group editing feature to save you time and money. Easily modify product prices and other parameters like tax status, EBT, weight scales, bottle deposits, and ID checks options by category, brand, size, or price groups.

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