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How LMS-POS was born?

LMS-POS is a product of Compro Boston, a venture established in 2005. In 2012, the software was initially developed to track instant lottery sales at stores and was named the Lottery Management System.


During our journey, we worked with various other retail POS software and recognized their limitations in essential functionalities that our customers always requested. Understanding this, we decided to transform our lottery management system software into a comprehensive and robust POS solution tailored for both liquor and retail stores and changed the name to LMS-POS. This process led to the emergence of LMS-POS, a system that incorporates all important functionalities and reports while remaining user-friendly.


In 2014, a beta version of LMS-POS was installed at a store for the first time. Since then, we have continually developed it with new features and enhancements. We engage in conversations and actively listen to store owners and managers who rely on LMS-POS in their day-to-day operations. We consistently improve the system by adding new enhancements, adhering to regulations, and introducing innovative features.


We believe in working smart, making the LMS-POS system smarter over time. Our continuous efforts strive to achieve a delicate balance between the system being powerful and easy to use.. This approach helps us attain improved results, higher productivity, and enhanced inventory control without the need for extra effort.


Every one of our customers is a participant in this ongoing journey, providing us with feedback to enhance and refine the system continually. We invite you to become part of this journey as well and enjoy its benefits.

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