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POS system pricing can vary, depending on the features and functionality you need. At LMS POS, we have created a complete POS system designed specifically for liquor and grocery stores. Our system has many features, including full inventory management, barcode printing, and item categorization, and also includes features to help bolster customer loyalty.

We know how important the right POS system is to your business and how having the right one can make all the difference. Our POS system pricing includes the software as a standalone product or the complete package, which includes the software, hardware, and installation. You can access an instant quote on this page.

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Complete System

(Hardware, Software & Installation)

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The POS system provides a quick and seamless checkout experience. A combination of durable, dependable hardware and sophisticated software makes it the must have system to grow your business.

If you have existing compatible hardware, you may use your own hardware.

If you do not have hardware or needs to upgrade, we provide you complete hardware at discounted price.

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