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LMS-POS Certified Hardware

We have tested the following hardware. If you have or acquire any other hardware not listed below, it may work, but we have not tested and cannot guarantee its functionality. It might have limited capabilities or operate at a slower pace. For optimal performance, we recommend obtaining the certified hardware from the list provided below.


All-in-One (AIO) POS System

All-in-One POS System by Hanesse

Windows 11 Professional, Intel Core i-5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Solid State Drive, 3 COM Ports, 6 USB Ports, Network Port, 15" LCD Touch Screen Monitor. We use Hanasis system for All-in-one but any computer with above minium specification will work. Windows 11 professional version is required in order to work all features of LMS-POS.

LCD Customer Display.webp

LCD Customer Display

Rear Customer Display - LCD 9.7"

Rear Customer Display - LCD 9.7" display. This is the second display (non-Touch) where customer can see the line items with total and store can put promotional items to advertise. The display in the picture is Hanasis Rear Customer Display and designed to work with Hanasis All-In-One POS System.

Pole Display.webp

Pole Mount Customer Display

Customer Display - Pole Mount - VFD 2x20 - 2 Lines, 20 characters

The Posiflex PD2600 Customer Display Pole Mount comes equipped with a 9-pin Com port connection for easy integration with LMS-POS. It features a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) with two lines, each capable of displaying 20 characters. If you get an USB customer display, please note that it will create a virtual com port with changing port numbers, potentially requiring hardware configuration resets in your LMS POS . To avoid this, we recommend using the Com port interface and ensuring your computer has a 9-pin Com (female) port.

Receipt Printer.webp

Receipt Printer

Epson Receipt Printer - USB interface

Epson's reputation for trustworthiness and reliability led us to select the Epson TM-T20iii USB printer, striking a perfect balance between quality and affordability. This printer boasts a swift USB connection and a cash drawer port compatible with RJ11/12 for cash drawer management, ensuring seamless and rapid printing operations.

Cash Drawer.webp

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer - Printer Driven

Our Certified Hardware product seamlessly links cash drawers through Epson Receipt printers with RJ11/12 connections. It's important to note that any hiccups in the printer's performance can impact the cash drawer's operation, as it relies on the printer for signal transmission. Our preference for MS-Cash Drawers is rooted in their exceptional quality and unmatched reliability.

ID Scanner.webp

Barcode Scanner - ID Scanner

Honeywell Xenon 1900 2D barcode Scanner

Honeywellis a renowned name in barcode scanning technology. This 2D barcode scanner is your trusted companion for scanning both products and Driver's Licenses. It's a vital tool for verifying the legal minimum age and ID expiry date when you're selling age-restricted items like tobacco and alcohol.

The scanner comes equipped with a flexible stand, allowing for seamless hands-free operation or easy handheld use. 

Label Printer.webp

Barcode Label Printer

TSC Barcode Label Printer - DA210

LMS POS incorporates label printing within its system, featuring the reliable TSC label printer, a certified USB printer seamlessly compatible with LMS-POS. This versatile printer allows you to create labels in various sizes, ideal for product labeling or as shelf tags. It can print in multiple sizes and enables you to generate labels in any quantity with a simple click.

Integrated Scale.webp

Weight Scale - Integrated to LMS POS

Integrated Weight Scale - Star Micronics MG-T30

Star Micronics, a trusted brand, provides reliable and durable hardware.

The LMS POS system integrates seamlessly with the Star Micronics MG-T30 scale, ideal for retail stores selling products by weight. This integrated system automates weight input into LMS-POS, facilitating precise price calculations based on unit price and weight.

Incounter scale.webp

In-Counter Weight Scale with Barcode Scanner

Integrated I-counter Weight Scale - Datalogic Magellan 

The Datalogic Magellan weight-scale, equipped with a barcode scanner and customer display, seamlessly integrates with LMS-POS. Datalogic stands as a reputable brand in the field of weight scales. This in-counter scale involves cutting out a section of the counter and embedding the weight scale /barcode scanner flush with the counter surface. This cohesive system streamlines the process of inputting weight data into LMS-POS, thereby enabling accurate price calculations grounded in unit price and weight.

Deli Scale.webp

Deli Scale with Barcode Label Printer

Weight Scale with Barcode Label Printer for Deli - Torrey W-Label

LMS-POS has been seamlessly incorporated with the Torrey deli weight scale featuring a barcode printer. LMS-POS is capable of identifying the item name, unit price, and weight directly from the barcode label generated by this weight scale. This integration necessitates specific programming adjustments on both the weight scale and the POS system.

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