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Yes, This is True. FREE POS.

But only for qualified customers !

Call us: 617-500-4400 for details.

What does Free POS include:

  • FREE LMS-POS Software unlimited licenses
    (Normally $ 1,000.00 per Station)

  • FREE LMS-POS Back Office License
    (Normally $ 1,000)

  • FREE Inventory Data Conversion**
    (Normally $ 800.00)

  • FREE Configuration and Set up
    (Normally $ 700.00)

  • FREE Technical Support and Software Upgrade
    (Normally $ 1,000.00 per year)​​

  • FREE Pax Credit Card Terminal
    (Normally $ 450.00 per terminal)

  • FREE Mobile Inventory App
    (Normally $ 400.00 per site)

  • No Credit Card Processing Fee.

    • No annual or monthly​

    • No Contract - Month-to-Month

  • Partial or full hardware may be included to qualified customers.​

Some restriction may apply. Only for qualified customers.

** Inventory Data conversion from your existing POS, as long as you provide us in excel format.

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