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How to choose right POS for your business?

Are you buying a new POS (Point of Sale) or replacing your existing POS?
Here are some of the key elements you should consider.

Buying a new POS should not be an expense but an investment which should return you more money than you have invested. Some of the features you may consider are: Customer Engagement (bringing back the customer to your store), upsells, theft control and monitoring system, better inventory management and control, etc.

When you buy new POS, you should balance between the POS price and functionalities that is important to you. DO NOT buy the POS just because the POS is very advanced with lots of features (that you may not use) and cost you lots of money or just based on price which may lack the important features that you MUST have for a successful store.

List your business requirements in a piece of paper in priority basis, which you believe MUST have in your POS. The POS feature that you believe very important to you, may not be important to others or vice-versa.

Sit back and think if you have the manpower or resources to perform those functions. For example, if you want to do full inventory control, can you dedicate at least 30-45 minutes time (daily average) for this purpose? Do you have a dedicated person for this? Be realistic what you can and cannot do.

Talk to few POS providers and listen to them what features their POS has. Ask them as many questions as possible including the features you have in your list. Add any new features the POS provider mention to you (in your list) that you believe important to your store.

Make a wise decision NOT an emotional decision.

Check back our next blog for the list of important questionaries that will help you choose the best POS for your store.

Thank you

-Dipesh Shrestha

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