Liquor & Grocery Store Point of Sale
with Automated Lottery Inventory System


Liquor & Grocery Point of Sale
  • Full Inventory Control of Liquor and Grocery
  • Easy Breakdown from Cases to Singles or 6 Packs
  • Item Categorized by Department, Category and Brand
  • Mobile Inventory Application with your iPhone or Android
  • Age Verification and ID Verification Integrated
  • Minimum Age displayed on Cashier Screen
  • NVR Camera System Integration for POS Text Overlay
  • Automated Database Backup
  • Products Group Edit by Category or Brand
  • Detailed Sales History for Reorder Management
  • Automated Detail Daily and Monthly Report Emailing
  • Easy bottle deposit and bottle return
  • EBT and Store Gift Cards
  • EMV Chip Credit & Debit Card Integration
  • No Sales Report (Open Cash Drawer Report)
  • Special Price Discount and Coupons
  • Delete & Void Reports
  • Barcode Label Printing for Product and Shelves
  • Automated Purchase Order and Direct Store Delivery
Lottery Inventory System
  • Automated Lottery Inventory Control System
  • Tracks Lottery Tickets and Calculates the total sales
  • Automated Daily Reconciliation of Scratch & Machine Tickets
  • No more human Error - Dependencies are reported to the Managers
  • Tracks Activated and Non-Activated Books (Books in Back Room)
  • Tracks the Books in the Bins (Boxes) with Activated Date and time
  • Book Settlement Tracking
  • Automated E-Mail Alert of Lottery Dependencies on Opening/Closing 
  • Tracks Lottery Payout, Machine Sales and Cash on Hand
  • Estimated Commission and Liability (Money you owe)
  • Lottery Sales and Payout Separates from Liquor and Grocery Sales on Daily Report